Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heathrow Terminal 3

Heathrow Terminal 3. It was a long wait. But then, I was there early. So who's to blame?

I waited. I watched. I observed. There were friends. There were lovers. Husbands. Wives. Kids. Parents. They all waited in anticipation. Anxiety? Or a longing? And then the smiles. From ear to ear. Broad smiles. The open arms. Come, run into them. The cute kid with a sign: My Daddy. The guy wth a bouquet for his girl. The dad with a camera to take a picture of his daughter. The friendly back-slapping. The uninhibited public display of affection as he swept her off her feet and kissed. . . it lingered.  

There was love and longing at London's Heathrow Terminal 3 that evening. . . and my heart skipped a beat. It did. . . just like that.

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Dheera said...

the post reminded me about Love Actually! the beginning is just that! heart-rending!
n 'heart skipped a beat'?!!! any special reasons?!!! ;) ;)
good luck!