Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sense and sensibility. . .

It's 2 am on the countdown charts and I've been listening to some awesome tracks by an UK artist called Nihal Chugh (if i got the name right).  It's quite amazing what he's done on his new album 'The Lost Soul'... hauntingly put together Hindustani classical with vocals (the singer has an amazing voice too...) with some rhythm and bass... superlative to say the least. My favourites? Bawariyaan and Ud ja... go on then, it's worth a listen.

So it seems that I have an essay due in a few hours from now, a very busy and long day ahead and then a couple of more assignments to work on. And here I am. Have my senses taken leave of me? Or have I taken leave of my senses? Either way, I hope sensibility prevails...

Summer is finally upon us (oh wait, I believe it's still Spring) and already the effects are there for all to see. Knee-lengths, shorts, sandals and flip-flops have already made their appearance in the corridors of academia. Occasionally, a sleeveless tee too. And yes, I'm tempted too... my Bandra Boy sensibilities have been evoked. But do I dare, yet? I don't know... later if not sooner.

I find myself increasingly at peace with myself. I'm not quite sure why, but the emotional turmoil has lessened. I've got my hair cut (well, it's been a couple of weeks now, sorry US didn't take any pictures), shaved too (which EVERYONE noticed!) and had the most wonderful surprise a couple of days ago. The sleeplessness seems to be going away too... yes, my heart is in safe hands.

I wrote to her, "I don't want that burden too..." She replied, "It's not a burden for you! Far from it... the pursuit of happiness is not a choice dear, it's destiny." She has accepted it. And I?

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Swiss Alps:
Ursula Heller has been selling apparel for hikers and trekkers for five years in her shop just off the town's main square. A threat to her business from nude hikers? She laughed deeply. "If you want to get undressed," she said, "you can always wear shorts or a bikini."

How profound is that?! I'm still laughing... and you? Go on then... smile, laugh a little. I know I am.

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