Saturday, January 2, 2010


I walked home in the rain, yet again
I had a NSA ONS, but all I wanted was you
I got drunk silly, danced all night
Another place, another time

I burnt my bridges, you matter no more
I took a long flight home
I prayed for a miracle
And death came as the end

I had my everything, I lost it all
I wanted to cry, you gave me that warm hug
I did not ask, you just gave
Finally, I let the tears flow
I said my goodbyes, and here I am
I wanted love, I wanted it all
I sang a song, a sad love song yet again
Will it ever change?

It snowed, and I remembered our first time
I wanted a lifetime of happiness
I wanted you for a lifetime
Time moves on, in another lifetime

I had my laughs, thank you for those times
I had my doubts, you gave me confidence
I needed to talk, you called me long distance
Thank you my wonderful friends

I laughed, I cried
I lived, I lied
I smiled, I tried
All in one lifetime 

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