Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 cities, 1 lifetime (Part II)

Bombay, London
2 years, 2 cities
2 hearts, 1's still healing
Friends and lovers, lost forever
Only words, word them right
Pouring rain, no more tears
Smile, smile once again
Love me tender, hold me tight
Warm hugs, my heart's desire
All I asked, all I wanted
Love forever, you by my side
Mistakes we make, promises we break
Holding hands, lovers alike
Kiss me, yes; don't kiss and tell
Cold cold heart, cold cold night
Don't leave me, not yet
Sunrise, sunset
Apple juice, breakfast in bed
Sing me a song, dance along
Miss us now, miss us forever
Dream on, oh desire
Love, longing
Bombay, London
2 cities, 1 lifetime

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