Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A month later. . .

Exactly a month later, an update of some sort seems fitting. Me thinks.

A big thank you to all my wonderful friends who've made my homecoming - of sorts - not-so-bad after all. You've called. You've come to Bandra. You've bought me coffee, even drinks and dinner. Driven me around. Lent an ear, even a shoulder and then some more. You've given, in more ways than one and I'll be forever grateful for that. Give me some time; I'll be back on my feet before you know it. Let me whine for now. Let me crib. Tell me to shut the fuck up if you get tired of it all. Listen. Understand. And thank you for it all.

Ex-bosses, ex-colleagues, old acquaintances and new ones, you've all been fabulous. You've kept the faith. You've renewed it. Thank you. I'm trying my best. You know I'm not a quitter. I'll survive. Keep the faith. Tell me when I'm wrong. Correct me. You have that right.

Enough of the sentimental stuff.

The Bandra boy in me (me is he, he is me) is rediscovering the by-lanes of Bandra. So many new names, so many new places. So much to see and do. Quite a lot to rediscover. Carter Road. Corn on the cob. Walks in the rain. Alone. I miss you my friend. I miss you my love. Crossword. Frankie at Quality. Pani-puri at Punjab. Chicken sandwiches at Candies.  Thank god some things don't change. Aloo-chutney sandwich at Jai, just the way you loved it.

I'm trying to tell new stories. I'm trying to change my themes. But it is difficult. It's here where I lost it all. Bandra. Bombay. I'm tired and it's time for bed. I'm sleepless, yet again...

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~life goes on, eh?~